Asheville Cabins of Saluda Mountain Lake Retreat is located in the heart of the Blue Ridge Mountains, just minutes from activities such as river rafting, skiing, mountain golf, the Blue Ridge Parkway, and the city and surrounding area of Asheville, NC. These maps will help you get a general feel for the location of our beautiful retreat in the hills of the Blue Ridge Mountains.

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map_region_thumb    map_state_thumb

                                                         Regional Map             State Map

  map_wnc_thumb    map_local_thumb

                                                         WNC Map                      Local Map

The following are images are of the Saluda Mountain Lake Retreat brochure.

(Please see cabin specific pages for exact information, some information in the brochure may have changed)

brochure_outside_thumb    brochure_inside_thumb

Outside of Brochure (.jpg)                Inside of Brochure (.jpg)

For actual directions and location to our retreat, consider booking today to enjoy all that our beautiful Asheville Cabins of Saluda Mountain Lake Retreat have to offer including swimming, fishing, and relaxing in your own private hot tub. Most of our cabins are open year-round and many have outdoor hot tubs and warm cozy fireplaces!  Escape the hustle and bustle, relax in a rustic log cabin in the mountains!


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